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Mystery Box - Misc range items

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We fucking love our Mystery Boxes.

And,   we aren't tight ass fucks.   We know, its daunting spending money on "fuck knows what".

So we make sure,  that whatever amount you spend on your box,  we are putting in MAX value across our range.

On average,   we add around $15.00 - $50.00 of extra stuff.  So you don't feel ripped.

What your box can include (depending on the size of your box)

Drink Bottles

Bath and body products


Home fragrance

Homewares, including cushion covers Signs, lights, clocks, etc.

Melt warmers


Stubby Holders.

The list really fucking goes on!

We are also pretty cool mother fuckers,   if there is a product that you have been eyeing off - let us know!   
If there's something you want us to not include, we are happy to oblige!
Hate the word cunt?  let us know and we will only put cunt items in.
Kidding,   we are happy to take your lead and work with you.

*please note.  We do not include clothing or any "sized" items in these boxes.