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Light for a BJ - Gag Gift

Regular price $19.95

Perfect for a special gift for your partner.  (male of female!)

Fragranced in lovely Japanese Honey Suckle.

Depending on how nice you are, this can come either without a wick (my choice) as standard or with a wick.   

If you purchase without a wick,  the wax inside can also be used for your melt warmer - simply spoon out desired amount.  Or you can use in a candle warmer.
If you select a wick just burn it as usual.   But expect to be giving a blowy!


Your candle (or just wax) will come in a large jar with lid.   The jar is printed in house no stickers or decals so can be reused, simply wash out (not in your fucking sink bro!).   You can also purchase refills from our store!