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Exotic In the Sheets - TK candles

Regular price $27.95

You've seen the show.  You get it.
Now available is our fucking awesome candles.

Select either Large candle:
Image printed on either side of candle (one on front, one on back)
or a candle set - comes complete with Gift box and consists of one image on EACH candle.  Please note,   these come individually packaged,   ready for you to place into box.

 **** Please note!*****
We are currently out of stock of the Duo gift boxes.   Your Duo Candles will come in individual gift boxes.

Please note:  All these are printed directly onto the jar.   No stickers.
They are printed and poured to order.  Please allow approx 14 days for your order plus postage.  Due to the rona,  our courier pick up days have reduced to 3 times per week.
If PO Box selected, we are dropping at the post office once per week.

Stay safe Cats and Kittens!